Diagnostic process.

Diagnostics, is when we plug into the dlc socket of your vehicle ,this is situated inside the vehicle ,and is a 16 pin socket.

with soft wear we then fed in the correct information  about your vehicle in most cases using you chassis  number.

we then proceed to communicate to your ecu. (electronic control unit).the information that your vehicle gives out is then transferred into our computers,with a break down of the information.

this information will consist of wording and a fault code ,and this starts the process of a diagnostic report,how ever this is only the basics,and many more tasks can be taken on from here on wards,such as,  Actuation process ,Live Data,

To do these functions you need the correct Equipment,we use dealer tools,as well as some of the best multi brand tools on the market all of which will give you information you can rely on.

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